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Creating smart connections between scientists working in the same community.
Connect with your colleagues through a low-noise high-value digital platform to support resource and knowledge sharing, productivity and creativity.
Recover the enthusiasm of doing science, gain self-confidence and accelerate your research.



to practice your presentation in front of your expert peer researchers or maybe a co-authorship for a grant where a specific expertise is needed.


a research article or the details of a conference related to a specific field of research relevant for your community.


a protocol, reagents for a specific device or anything else can be of help for your colleagues.

Save time & speed up your research

Create smart connections with colleagues that cross your path every day without knowing their name and skill set. Your tailored solution may be just around the corner.
Propose offer or request about protocols, experimental design, codes, data analysis, materials & reagents, rehearsals, group discussions, co-authorship, feedback, deadlines & actions, events etc.
Target the right colleagues with the right expertise who can help or are interested to that specific topic.
Get the piece of knowledge you need to speed up that specific part of your research.


Discover and access to all the resources of your institute and brainstorm with local experts to accelerate your research.

  • Develop scientific skills with peer-to-peer support
  • Increase productivity by simplifying and organizing communication
  • Your profile expertise is automatically generated from your research articles
  • Save time: stop “reinventing the wheel”


Discover the full potential of your scientific community and become a class leading institute. Use our in depth analytics to get a systemic vision of the institute to optimize resources.

  • Automated reporting to improve internally & report externally
  • Societal impact: increased cross-pollination of interdisciplinary fields
  • Increase net time available for scientific excellence
  • Data privacy, security and transparency by design

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